Kind to skin natural fibres

What’s the worst kind of fibre?

Do you check what your garments are made of?

In our previous article, we explained the function and went over a little bit of history of the sock.

Now we will start going over each benefit you can experience wearing our world-class socks!

The obvious benefit of natural fibres is that they are by far more kind to our skin compared to any other synthetic fibres present on the market.

Their secret is hidden inside the composition of the fibres itself:

Natural fibres, because they are derived from living organisms, present a porous structure, that expands and contracts as it absorbs moisture from our skin or releases it to the air, allowing our feet to breathe as they wick moisture away.

Maintaining our feet dry, natural fibres also have some thermal properties, keeping us comfortable both in cold and warm weather.

They also have natural antibacterial properties which add another layer of protection to your skin. 

One more advantage: they are hypoallergenic (some more than others), being the best for sensitive skin.

On the contrary, artificial fibres make our skin sweat and are not transpirant, not to mention they have no antibacterial or hypoallergenic properties. In fact, most of the time they make things worse.

Last but not least, their look and texture: think about Silk, the way it feels and looks; the same for Cashmere, but also cotton and linen. They all look and feel luxurious and elegant.

We will talk about each fibre in detail in future articles, but I think we can all agree that they only bring good things.

Now thinking of nylon or polyester, what comes to your mind? …exactly!

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